Directive Communication Training Partners

The most comprehensive Training and Consulting Franchise available anywhere. Directive Communication Training Partners use Directive Communication™ (DC) Psychology (accredited by the American institute of Business Psychology) to provide superior results in enhancing multinational work forces.

When your DC sub-franchisees apply their expertise with our world renowned Training Tools, you as the Master Franchise get US$20 for EVERY person trained by them. With only 25 trainers, each training only 80 people per month, that’s US$420,000 in PURE PROFIT to you for only providing tools.

And that’s only One of Seven revenue centers in this Franchise.

In the past 8 months we have “accidentally” made an EXTRA USD212,000 in the professional training industry in the GCC, another USD77,000 in 2 months in Malaysia, and now it’s time to do some serious business by opening up NEW Countries.

Even though we have done no active marketing, accomplished Malaysians and trainers from the Middle East were knocking down our door to become Directive Communication, (DC) licensees, As of April 2015, we have 249 DC licensed Trainers around the world. And, multi-nationals in the region covet our training. We figure the opportunities in other countries are too great to pass up.

So, we are looking for partners

Someone to amass a huge business for themselves in 1 year with our Directive Communication 4/7 business implementation strategy.

4 unique differences to set us and our partners apart from the competition. And 7 streams of income, each supported by the other. And all with the technology and marketing systems back up to make it a reliable money making machine.

Someone to whom we can GIVE THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to this profit machine in your country, someone to own and operate Master License and turn our accidental success in Malaysia and the GCC into a REAL and consistent revenue reaping, cash cow business in new locations.

But first… Is this the right opportunity for you?

Well, if you are interested in making a difference in people’s lives, cultivating and nurturing entrepreneurs, are have business or corporate experience with emphasis on organization and/or marketing, and want to make some serious money with a low capital investment.

If you know anything about the training and consulting industry you already know there is a lot of competition out there. Everybody that cannot get a job becomes a “consultant”, AND, now there are so many “Be a Trainer” workshops churning out would-be trainers and apparently saturating the market with people who will never make enough money to cover their course fee. Even when the government pays for company training… and yes, besides the AIOBP Accreditation, we are certified with HRDF, and WRD.

So why are people coming to us when we aren’t even trying? What makes this so different beside the fact that we are up to 3 times more expensive than most of the competition? And why is the competition worried?

First, you must understand what we are Really offering.

We offer our training partners…

…A means to be prominently recognized, to be successful through superior results and advanced marketing systems, to grow their business by leveraging on our, and, each others success.

Hanzo Ng (aka The Sales Ninja)
Directive Communication Training Partner

The DC team gives me a unique edge to be successful as a trainer and fantastic support for my marketing and personal development. But the key reason for being able to make over RM21,000 in the first 4 months after graduating is that they are literally my “Partners in Success”, we develop and share resources for promotion and sales.  But most of all, they actually do what they say, they keep their promises and often even exceed them.


Faridah Hanim Haron
Head of MACC Strategic Leadership Development & MACC Academy

Best decision, the TTT programme has brought light to me. I have been a learning specialist, change consultant and leadership advisor for a Fortune 500 company for almost 20 years. All the while, as internal consultant, I was struggling to find a sustainable and impactful formula to develop high performance culture for my organisation, tried many from world’s top consultants, but somehow I feel like the formula is missing of something important, seems lacking, until I met Arthur. This is it, ‘Being Right’ ‘Colour Brain’ ‘Emotional Driver’, ‘Power of Posture’, is the missing ingredient…
I strongly recommend that you submit yourself and learn, don’t waste your time register quick.
Thank you Arthur, my Guru, my mentor, and my friend.

We offer our clients…

…Measurable results and reassurance that they have made the right choice when they choose us. We offer peace of mind that their money is being spent wisely and we offer them more satisfaction from their staff that attends our programs.

Feline Chua
Director of Human Recourses
MTV Asia

Arthur’s Directive Communication programmes have made a noticeable impact here at MTV. Our managers and staff have indicated measurable results in their productivity and their ability to minimize conflict. In our follow-up sessions, each as demonstrated a greater aptitude in bringing out the best of themselves and their colleagues. We will continue to implement Directive Communication courses and use the CBCI in our international curriculum and highly recommend Arthur F. Carmazzi and his technology to any organization wishing to make the most of their human capital.

Difference #1

The Directive Communication Training Tools

Your DC licensees NEED A UNIQUE EDGE. Using our specially designed proprietary tools and Psychological Instruments, Directive Communication Methodology cultivates a systematic structure for experiencing and understanding the emotions and drivers behind corporate productivity. These give you the foundations to improve it no matter what area you specialize in! With DC Tools and instruments, Results are Easy, AND your potential clients know that, so it’s easier for them to choose YOU over the competition. ALSO, your participants take home many of these tools to maintain results after you have left, and, when others see them using your tools, you get more business.

More about our tools

Difference #3

DCI Support to make Your DC Trainers Famous

I started with nothing; in fact I was in massive debt when I started. I figured that I needed some real leverage if I was to get back into the black with my finances and so I realized I needed to famous before I could get rich. So I got together with some great marketers and PR people and started an alliance that helped me get noticed in a BIG way.

So we will do the same for Your DC Trainers. With the leverage power of our “Market Domination Alliance” and our own global network, we merge marketing and PR resources and focuses them to develop Your DC Trainers Personal Image and Brand . DCI is committed to developing successful Directive Communication Training Partners and Consultants by establishing Your DC Trainers as an industry leaders and increasing their visibility through news releases, interviews, articles, Books, and promotions, as well as the powerful contacts our Alliance provides.

You May have Heard of Leslie Choudhury, Raymond Phoon, Elizabeth Chan, These famous trainers all began with us and now they are making over a Million USD in revenue each year.

Difference #2

International Accreditation

Your DC licensees NEED CREDENTIALS. Attesting to the credibility and quality of Your DC Trainers and the DC-based programs YOU Provide, is the elite American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP). The tested DC methodology and strategies, are verified and accredited by one of the most respected international academic associations in the area of human productivity and behavior. As a successful DC Training Partner, Your DC Trainers will be accredited as an International Trainers and DC Practitioners from the AIOBP and have the additional credentials they need to get through to the toughest organizations to break into.

More about AIOBP

Difference #4

Your DC Trainers Develop THEIR OWN Residual Income and Grow with you and me.

Your DC Trainers USE THEIR OWN IDEAS TO BUILD INCOME WHILE YOU SLEEP. DCI will help to co-develop DC training programs and training tools with us by adding your expertise – Programs and Tools that we will produce and distribute internationally. They will train other Training Partners in their area of expertise to earn even MORE INCOME, but also share in the GLOBAL REVENUE derived from their and our combined ideas and additions to our programs. AND YOU will Get a Percentage of that forever. A percentage of REVENUE FROM OTHER PEOPLES IDEAS AND OUR INVESTMENT

Plus, for those partners who have shown exemplary performance, DCI will subsidize a Full Partner Master Franchise in an available territory of their choice and YOU will get a percentage of that too. DCI is the only Training Franchise that helps YOU develop multiple streams of RESIDUAL INCOME.

As a Master Licensee, you are set up with 7 different streams of income and I will personally help you build it!

  • Make 35% of every training tool kit from every participant that will ever be in a DC based workshop in your country
  • Get back you entire investment with your first batch of franchisees and double that every 4 months.
  • Maintain continuous revenue on franchisee advanced courses
  • Get up to US$6,000 cash every time an organization calls You or DCI for a workshop in your country
  • Grow serious affluence from existing popular DC public enrolment programs and create new ones to capitalize on back end up sells.
  • Create even more prosperity with exclusive Arthur F. Carmazzi signature programs conducted by him personally.
  • Share in your franchisees wealth when we resell their ideas to countries across the globe.

Directive Communication Training Partner’s are not your Ordinary Trainers. And our Master Licensee will be No Ordinary Businessman. Because we have developed international partnerships and automated marketing strategies that enable us to transfer our success to YOU.

But this opportunity is unique because we are building our CORE TEAM to take us beyond Asia and Arthur will personally work with you as a Partner to make your country License the blueprint for success. YOU would be at the top from the very beginning.

We are looking for an individual who Arthur will personally work with to cultivate your absolute Success. If you are satisfied with “Being Average” and competing on “Price” rather than results, then Stop Reading right here!

We are interested in cultivating DC trainers as Industry Leaders and need a leader that can handle that type of notoriety and success.

Plus… Retreats at AVALON, Arthur’s Resort in Bali! See it at :

So why do you want to be a Directive Communication Master Licensee?

Besides standing out from Every other training organization that would like to compete with you, my team and I are ready work with you personally to make our partnership in Singapore a BIG SUCCESS.


You see, for our Franchise to expand as big and as fast as we want it to, we NEED to make in your country a Super Successful example.

I built a reputation of results with over 322 multi-nationals that have used and are using my services, and we are using that reputation to promote YOU and the few qualified individuals we accept as DC Training Partners and into our Core Team. If we don’t deliver on our promise, we lose the reputation we have worked so hard to build!

Arthur Carmazzi is literally staking his Reputation on YOUR SUCCESS 

Bottom line!

The leverage you and DCI create as a Master Franchise Partner with our branding and the development of a Core Team will have an Exponential affect on the success of Entire Core Team and the other countries our licensee live in.

Here is why: branding and PR have what is called “Critical Mass Saturation” there is a certain point where the exposure of a certain brand becomes known to a majority of the population. When this happens, each of the “pioneers”, or Core Team, get the branding benefits of the sum of the whole teams efforts.

For example: Arthur Carmazzi appears on radio once every 2 months, in the newspapers every 2 months and on TV every 6 months. That’s 14 media appearances per year. This is enough to get some great business and income, but not enough to make Directive Communication, and those associated with it, a household name.

BUT, when we help you and other Core Team Members to do the same, the media becomes saturated with 100’s of relevant and useful applications to DC, and each Training Partner associated with it now becomes exponentially more valuable .

This not only leads to more training and more Instant Cash, but to spin-offs on YOUR EXPERTISE that you can we will help you to leverage . And LEVERAGE is what I used to get where I am after being Half a Million Dollars in debt many years ago.

Naturally we all share the benefits of this leverage in the form of Jets and Yachts we acquire from working together.

Remember, we don’t need you to be a trainer, we need you to be a businessman. A businessman that can use our proven success strategies and work with us every step of the way to build the Directive Communication business in your country as the premier provider of results based training and consulting.

What will you need as an investment?

Since we are in the pioneer stages of developing the DC franchise business globally, we won’t be charging our expected Master License fee of US$250,000.

  • You will need a marketing budget of about US$40,000 for one year
  • An office with at least one marketing and one admin/marketing support staff.
  • And a Master License fee of US$50,000

If this is isn’t too much for you to handle, and you believe you have what it takes to work with us as our exclusive Partner and make your country market a supper success. Then we want to talk with you.


For More Detailed Information.