University Partnerships


Directive Communication Psychology is a living methodology. It is constantly being reinvented and improved. Our global trainers and team members are always ready to learn more and share their knowledge.

That is why we are looking for able people and institutions who will increase our capacity for transforming people, relationships, work forces and organizations through research.

Directive Communication is willing to partner with academic institutions, academics, and students to reach new heights in the people-development and education industries, as well as practical business and organizational discoveries through collaborative research.


We work with students on their theses and work closely with Academics in experimental research. We provide our partners with:

  • Raw data
  • Our own latest research findings
  • Cases studies
  • Online tools
  • Related statistics
  • Support
    • Administrative
    • Infographics
    • Knowledge base access

Here are some examples:

  • What are the most successful CEO Colored Brains in Asian Business?
  • What Colored Brains are most educators vs. what Colored Brains are most students?

Potential conclusions could be: “60% of the most successful CEO’s in Asia are Purple Brain. There are 5 factors in Asian markets that support this success…”


Arthur Carmazzi is also available to give talks to partner Academic Institutions

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