Organizational Culture and the Shenzhen Flower Market

Organizational Culture and the Shenzhen Flower Market

flowers and organizational change

How can hundreds of shops selling the same or very similar products, survive in a competitive market where bargaining is the norm? The Answer reviles the same foundation as a good organizational culture. With all the Organizational Culture Change Programs we have successfully done around the world. Sure a successful organizational culture has collaboration and feedback. But without a set of mutually agreed Culture Guiding Principles for everyone to follow and abide by, it will not be enough for an organization to sustain a highly effective corporate culture.

In this Agents of Change video, Arthur Carmazzi shares the concept of organizational culture guiding principles and why they are so important… and how the Shenzhen flower market thrives even though there are hundreds of competitors sharing the same space. How can this video help your organization? Visit the concept of getting the stake holders of the organization (employees at all levels) together and define what kind of people they want to be, what type of an environment they would like to have and what behavior they need to have to achieve all this. When we do our culture change projects these are part of a discovery process that defines and gives awareness of how people are affecting each other and the real understanding of what they need to do to get their IDEAL WORK ENVIRONMENT.

So do look at the resources and programs we have to support your organizational culture change requirement to create more engaged and more effective happier team members.

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