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Product Description

This audio and its accompanied manual provide clarity in the cultivation of a better more enriched organizational culture. Each organizational culture, its problems and its advantages can be identified in levels of culture evolution. This set takes you from the very bottom, the lowest on the revolutionary culture scale to manifest the specific action strategies that will evolve your culture to the next level and the next.

This booklet audio and video include:

  • Strategies for overcoming and improving the blame culture
  • Identification of the level your culture has evolved to (blame culture, multidirectional culture, live culture, brand congruent culture and leadership enriched culture)
  • Strategies and action steps to evolve each culture to the next level
  • Pitfalls to avoid in the process of evolving culture and an action template to support your people to create a culture that support every ones success

This set is an ideal complement to Arthur’s F.Carmazzi Culture Change Lessons from The Monkey King!