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    The most important question I have for you if you are on this page is: are you on Facebook, and what percentage of your staff are on Facebook. A strange question for Organizational Change? Not if you look at the psychology behind it and why that is the Essential question that determines the success or failure of an organizational culture change process.

    We are in the Age of NOW! Social media, SMS, Email... people are far less patient than they ever used to be, and if they do not get the instant emotional gratifications they feel they need... they can just pick up their smartphone and post something on Facebook, and within 20 minutes see how many LIKES they now have Power and a Voice... So if a Culture Change initiative does not show positive results in a VERY short time, that they feel will benefit them, the idea of BUY IN will no longer be an option... and you would be fighting an uphill battle all the way.

    DC Culture Change Revolution

    Applying the DC  Culture Change Revolution Process shows Visible Results within 2 weeks and builds sustainable Passion that evolves Productivity and Organizational Effectiveness

    Is it really possible to get visible results in 2 weeks and create a passionate corporate culture in less than 3 months? Most organizational development, corporate culture change or change management programs would have you believe that it’s impossible. Why? Because traditionally, corporate culture change begins with Policy change, which will eventually lead to behavior change (if it is accepted enough to last), which will eventually lead to changes in perception, which will lead to changes in emotional gratifications within the organization, which will eventually lead to culture change. Yet, with this process, if it lasts, will take years.

    There is a better, faster way! By applying the Directive Communication 5 Pillars of transformation, an organization can see a noticeable change in 3 weeks and solidify a new more passionate corporate culture in three months. This course facilitates the knowledge and skills required in building the 5 Pillars of transformation for change management and culture change.