Organizational Culture Change and the Rituals (Video)

Organizational Culture Change and the Rituals (Video)

In live from Hong-Kong, Arthur and our amazing DC team of consultants show us that rituals also affect corporate culture.

In the middle of a market in Hong-Kong, surrounded by people who are used to doing their weekly shopping. This appeared clearly to our DC team on how rituals could be compared to a corporate culture.


Rituals definitely affect the way people interact with each other and have an impact on people’s efficiency and culture. Here are a few rituals that you may recognize…

How are rituals affecting your organizational culture?

A preoccupied and busy person who doesn’t say hello in the morning, doesn’t smile, may spread gloominess around the office.

Focusing on your computer without taking time to notice what is happening around you, or getting frustrated by starting a meeting late are some of these rituals that will affect your organization.

Positive rituals also affect culture like coming to the office smiling and spreading good vibes around you.

Daily rituals don’t have to affect organizational culture in a negative way. YOU have the control, YOU can make a culture of cheering by choosing not to be so personal in your communication.

Here is the video, have a look!


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