Arthur Carmazzi – Organizational Change – Who should Lead Organizational Change

Arthur Carmazzi – Organizational Change – Who should Lead Organizational Change

Finding your “Key Influencers” is kinda like checking your friends on Facebook to see who has the most friends who comment and interact with them. While there may be others with more friends by number, those may be shallow acquaintances or maybe just collected individuals who have no real connection. But those who’s friends interact with them, answer questions, reply to posts and “like” and follow what they like and follow… means they have influence.

Key Influencers Will Affect Your Bottom Line

Key Influencers Will Affect Your Bottom Line


The same can be said for an office or department, the person or persons who seem to get the most positive interaction from the people they work with, are key influencers.

So when we are looking to create an organizational change plan, these are the people we want on our side, these are the people we want to “Influence” those who that already have influence with.

But there are negative key influencers too, and these people will be the ones who can undermine you change efforts. It often boils down to the proverbial good against evil and the fight for influence. When changing organizational culture, taking control of the good and subduing the evil is paramount and such is the Hero’s Way. So watch Part 1 of the video, to learn how to be a hero and transform Organizational Culture in the process.

12 thoughts on “Arthur Carmazzi – Organizational Change – Who should Lead Organizational Change

  1. I completely agree with Arthur Carmazzi. Identifyig the POSITIVE key influencing people and executing the organiztional change process through them will certainly bring great success. But converting the negative influencers to a positive one will be a big challenge.

  2. nice article. i am a huge fan of your work Arthur Carmazzi and I’m always coming here to see what’s new. thanks.

  3. Arthur’s Organization Change leadership talk in Bahrain was exceptional, we hope to see him again

  4. Arthur Carmazzi looks at the different angles of an organization and use it to make an improvement. I never thought that finding influencers can also be a key in improving an organization.

  5. This is another great idea from Arthur Carmazzi. Who would’ve thought about this? Looking for both negative and positive key influencers makes so much sense!

  6. Valuable information about organization change thanks to Arthur. Lucky me I found your website by
    accident, and I’m shocked why this accident didn’t happened earlier! I share it with my friends and family also
    keep do this work in future.

  7. I like the valuable information you provide in your
    articles.i am quite certain I will learn regularly many new stuff right here!
    Good luck for the next Arthur,

  8. I’m really loving the organizational change theme of your blog. Do you have any suggestions to help fix companies with bosses who say they want change, but don’t want to change themselves?

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