One Extraordinary Day in Bali: Day one of DC TTT July 2015

One Extraordinary Day in Bali: Day one of DC TTT July 2015

Hi there!

Guess what? Our new Directive Communication Psychology Trainer’s Certification Program started yesterday in Bali!

This time we have 8 amazing students: 5 from Malaysia, 1 from India and 2 from Indonesia. They are all awesome! I thought that yesterday will be a kind of ‘ice-braking’ day, but you know, they all couldn’t stop laughing all day long. Warm, friendly atmosphere has turned our magical Avalon Villa Resort  into the best Personal Development University on the planet, where people are learning how to become their own Hero, develop their leadership skills, communicate effectively and inspire others to perform at their best. As one of the participants, Hendrik Ronald from Indonesia, who wants to be no. 1 motivational speaker in the world (such an ambitious goal, but I believe in him with all my heart) said: ‘You have to focus on yours and other people’s strengths despite of focusing on weaknesses. This will lead you to success!’ I can tell you that it seems like all the students are very strong, mindful individuals, who are already making a huge impact on people around them, making this world a better place.

Students were not only talking about what they’ve learned in DC online Module, but they shared their personal stories, which sometimes made me have tears in my eyes. This time, three of our best DC Certified trainers joined us for this program. They are assisting Arthur, and also facilitating students’ home-work assignment and check-up, as well as giving professional tips on how to use Social Media Channels.

Hafiz Day 1

Inspiring, energetic, super-talented, kind and funny – these are the main words, which can describe people, who joined us this time!

As usual, meals are delicious, skies are blue, birds are singing in Avalon Villa Resort, where the magical transformation of at least 15 beautiful souls happening right now!

Stay tuned for the next five days!

Be happy,


Happiness Manager


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