New Year Resolutions Infographic by Arthur Carmazzi

New Year Resolutions Infographic by Arthur Carmazzi

This year, Forget New Year Resolutions and focus of a little Evolution to see how much your life can change with a little effort and awareness.

What level are you at, and where do you want to be?

will you make a New Years Resolution, or take the greater path and move towards Evolution

Wishing You GREAT SUCCESS in this New Year
Arthur Carmazzi

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Here is the text of the titles from the infographic but make sure you enlarge the image:

This lowly evolved person spends lots of time using their Reptilian Brain and less using their higher Cognitive Brain. Because, the world essentially revolves around them and the rules they have, they usually lead difficult and unfulfilled lives

This person is higher up the evolutionary scale, but life is still tough since they are emotional and still have lots of barriers to personal achievement. They use the limbic (mammalian) brain more but still spend some time as lizards

Lizard Man
This person is makes things happen in their life but has so many issues surrounding self, that it becomes more difficult to enjoy life and their accomplishment to the fullest

Life observer
This person is more aware but lacks courage and while life is more enjoyable, they have a lot of regret. They are easy to get along with but are not people who move (themselves or others).

Aspiring Hero
This hero in the making has learned from time spent in some of the lower evolved positions. They now have more awareness and therefore more potential to overcome issues.

This person has achieved evolved status on the evolutionary scale, and even if things are tough, the emotional barriers to personal achievement are eventually broken.

Super Hero
This person makes things happen in their life and supports others in the process of personal success, they enjoy life and their accomplishments to the fullest