How Much Structure Does a Good Organizational Culture Need?

How Much Structure Does a Good Organizational Culture Need?

Arthur Carmazzi and Silvester Pulman Debate on Organizational Culture Structure Requirements

In this candid debate over organizational culture (check out how DCI can support your Organizational Culture with 3 strategies) and how much or how little structure is needed to maximize the growth and effectiveness of an organization through its organizational culture. The discussion centers around to opposites, Large organizations that already have too much structure and they have a corporate culture of bureaucracy… and the exciting organizational culture of a startup which has very little structure but needs more to grow. So the questions:

  • How much structure is too much?
  • What happens to the organizational culture if you suddenly impose structure?
  • How does this affect motivation and employee engagement?
  • How does to much structure affect motivation?

Watch the video and let us know your ideas, what should be the right mix of structure and freedom to maintain and grow a company with a great company culture and maintain highly engaged employees that are happy and effective at work?

The Directive Communication Culture Evolution Model created by Arthur Carmazzi suggest that every company culture have a level of evolution. There are 5 evolution starting at the lowest level of culture and a pretty much dysfunctional company with the “BLAME CULTURE” al the way up to the highest corporate culture evolution of the “LEADERSHIP ENRICHED CULTURE”. Get a Free Corporate Culture Assesment Here

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