Making a Perfect Team. Day 3 of DC Train the Trainer Program.

Making a Perfect Team. Day 3 of DC Train the Trainer Program.

Are you a perfect match with your ideal business partner or a team-mate?

Third day showed that it is totally possible with DC Psychology method.

How to create a perfect team – question that managers are often asking themselves, because it can be crucial for the success of the company.
Lively discussion was taking place at Avalon Villa Resort first thing in the morning. Reason? How to create a perfect team in a company. All the participants had to present their ideas on how to create the best team using Emotional Drivers and Brain Colours. It turned out to be quite a interesting discussion with all the participants debating, not only the presenters.
Mohammed and Gopala were presenting a senior management team of a Marketing Company and the suggestions were flying from everywhere. So finally Arthur took the stage to explain what qualities are really important for leaders of organisations.
Next were Farida and Sarah who made a team for a non-profit organization, but everybody thought their team didn’t have enough ‘Achievers’.

The last team’s goal was to create a perfect top-management team for Organizing Committee of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio 2016. That was a touch task and it turned into a group brainstorm. The funny thing was that the Vice-President of the Finances needs to have a creative Green-Coloured Brain with Security and Control as well as Responsibility and Contribution Emotional Drivers.
– Ambition is absolutely needed for a leader in profit and even non-profit organizations – said Arthur.


It comes to the fact that people with different Brain Colour can have Emotional Drivers that can motivate them and make them achieve goals or get things done, but how the things will be done it depends on their Brain Colour.

For example diversity, change and growth can influence the way you do things.

‘Love and Belonging plus Growth and Challenge means you are a good listener. But Security and Control + Growth and Challenge means conflict’ – said Martin and added that Security and Control + Significance and Recognition combined can make a control freak out of you.

So what you basically need to do is match Emotional Drivers and take into account the Brain Colour as well to have a great team. Ideally it should start when hiring people. But you can implement it in your working environment always. Making small modifications in behaviour makes a difference said Arthur Carmazzi, founder of DC Psychology method.

Soon, the participants could feel what it means for themselves! Because they faced the emotions at working environment in the next game. It was called Managing Emotional Currency.

Participants were divided in two teams and had to solve a transportation problem in Bali. They were paid by ‘monkey money’ and had a top-manager who they could give negative and positive ‘emotional’ points. The atmosphere heated up when people were discussing the problems and trying to get a solution while being fired and giving the grades at the same time.

It was an eye-opening game, because it showed the ones who only care about not getting fired, faking their positive emotions, are the ones who get more money and those who get frustrated with this unfair situation, showing the very high motivation and readiness to achieve goals in the beginning – they get sacked. Interesting, right? And DC Psychology Train the Trainer Program explains exactly why this happens!

After lunch everyone had to go out and had a mind-body connection practice. Arthur was explaining how your posture affect your emotions and how it also affects the way people perceive you and your message. ‘Warrior’, ‘Child’, ‘Beggar’, ‘Lover’, ‘Emperor’ and ‘Angel’ postures can really help you, while presenting in front of the big audience and also in your daily life conversations.

If you missed this DC Train The Trainer Session make sure to join the next one. It is starting on May, 29 and you can be a part of it! But hurry-up, because spots are filling up as you read this! Enroll here or if you are already a certified trainer – let us know if you want to come and join us.