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Leading innovation requires a very specific set of skills, perception and attitude. Over 73% of today’s managers accidentally are killing innovation in their organizations. This program helps managers discover the specific behaviors that may be hindering innovation in their teams and departments. It then raised the awareness that will support a strong foundation to improve the skills required to nurture innovation and proactive action in addressing and solving problems. The result will be Leaders who have the attitudes and skill to inspire teams to proactive innovation.


Leadership Innovation


First, we are all creative, but we do not all have confidence in our creativity. We all process ideas and their implementation in different ways, but we may not understand others processes. Because of interactions and past experiences, many of us have also given up that others will listen to or value our ideas, or we may simply be afraid to make mistakes that have negative effects on our job or performance review so we just wait to be told what and how to do thing rather than innovate. Bottom line: creativity without action is Not Innovation! To innovate we must move on, test, and actually do something with our creativity. Have you ever had ideas on how to improve or solve problems but did not speak up. Or spoken up and not been acknowledged? Have others shared ideas that were impractical to implement?
When we have a clear understanding of the emotions associated with situations like these and the psychology affecting individual and group innovation and performance, we can create an environment that supports and encourages creativity and the action that leads to innovation.


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