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  • DC Leadership coaching is an important part of the Leadership Development process and the ability to show fast resulting Organizational culture enhancement. Because we often react to  the people who make up or environment, DCI leadership coaching supports leaders to nurture a working environment that brings out the best leader in them. To do this, we support leaders to develop their OWN IDEAL LEADERSHIP IDENTITY from the experience, values and characteristics they already poses somewhere in their life, then take them through a process to refine and apply it. Those leaders who have achieved the greatest deeds, have not only inspired people to their peak, but have cultivated an environment where their people would flourish and inspire others in their own Leadership Development. Combining the Leadership Training components with Leadership Coaching will ensure that leaders not only learn and use their learning, but actively apply it to create an environment that perpetuates their success and develops the success of other in the process.

     But, what about the Trouble Makers?

    Can they be "Fixed"? Can a manager that sucks the life out of his is team and others be helped? The short answer is It depends on whether it is a skill problem or potentially a Character Disorder issue (someone who can not comprehend that he/she may be responsible for problems that happen and it MUST be other people's problem or inadequacies since they are always right). to find out, Contact us