How it Feels Like in This World to be …Blue/Red/Green/Purple Brained?

How it Feels Like in This World to be …Blue/Red/Green/Purple Brained?


Do you know the way your brain processes information? Do you know that there are different types of people with different types of brain processors, which affect the way they perceive the world and communicate with others. According to Directive Communication Psychology, there are 4 brain colors, which identify HOW your brain works.


On the second day of DC TTT our participants found out their Brain Color and had to learn to identify others’ Brain Colors, how this knowledge can help in relationships and is it easy to step in someone else’s shoes and try thinking in a ‘Purple Way’, for example. What is ‘Colored Glasses Syndrome’ and how it can destroy your team-work or relationships? What is the ‘Circle of Tolerance’ and how and where we can apply ‘No Blame Zone’ – this is what was on our curriculum yesterday.

The day started with ‘Achieve Yoga’ (Arthur’s Innovative approach to self-motivation) – short session of exercises, which basically helped our students to get focused and goal-oriented. I wish I could share with you all the emotions and insights people got starting form the early morning, but it will take too long.


Just watch the video below, where one of our students, Khirod Pattnaik from India shares his impressions with our two DC Trainers, Ibu Faridah Hanim Haron and Judy Lan.

By the way, do you know how to measure up the atmosphere you have created with your team, students, clients or friends? Try to bring in one/two/three kids and watch what they will do. Dante and Alessandro Carmazzi actually joined the class! Guess why?


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