First 3 Days DC Train The Trainer Certification and License

First 3 Days DC Train The Trainer Certification and License

Trainees impression for the first 3 Days of DC Train The Trainer Certification and License
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DC Psychology Trainer Certification Bali XXVII – participants profile click here:

Its difficult to put down what is most awesome for the past 3 days because everything has been awesome! After much thought, the most awesome are the people here.

  1. My course-mate! Its almost magical to have a group of like minded people study and work together
  2. DC and Avalon Resort staff. So professional, always helpful. They made my experience here like home.
  3. Arthur Carmazzi! The guru and genius responsible for the entire DC empire. Learnt so much…Had so many realisation… and so willing to share his wisdom!
  4. Day 4 here i come!

An exciting journey of discovery that has helped me positively see the value in people who work with me in my organisation. Colored Brain and the 8 emotional drives in DC Psychology has taken it to next level.
This is empowerment.

The awesomeness that I have learnt the last 3 days can be summed up as follow “Discovering the needs to purge certain unfounded assumptions that governs our actions and filled it with the right ones. This will allow us to enlarge our circles of tolerance to be be receptive to the actions of others allowing us to act intelligently.”

Pam Sittharmanin
Exploring our own life and past experience through our genetic brain process has broaden my perspectives. The realisation of these allows us to have a better understanding of how we act and react to certain situation and therefore able to positively influence people and leverage their strengths.

All of us are leaders.If we increase our circle of tolerance , understand people’s emotional drivers and support them to fail intelligently, it will help to enhance performance thus in turn creating a culture of trust and pride.

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In order to get the best out of your people you have to understand what drives them. In particular their “Emotional Drivers”. These drivers are what take performance & loyalty to greater heights. Ignoring them or worse still forcing people into situations that conflict with their Emotional Drivers could lead to revolt!

Humans are these beings who are just divine and beautiful. But many times, humans are misunderstood. Why does this happen? We look at people through our eyes, based on our belief and values. When we dont see it in someone else, we tend to have an issue or challenge with them. Look at it the other way, they think you are a challenge as well. What do we have here? Different emotional drivers in action.. understand them.. you will understand others better.. my greatest discovery this week is knowing all these drivers and why people around me act and behave the way they do

It would be great if you give right task to the right person. If things move in other way, do we start to blame or try to find the solution.Now DC training has given me a new insight and energy to being right into it. The awareness of BRAIN COLOR and EMOTIONAL DRIVE gave me more clarity to the goals in business as well personal life.

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