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  • if you have been looking through our super awesome Employee Engagement stuff, you know how different our way of doing things is than, well everyone else. WHY? Because employee engagement is a function of organizational culture, and we are the culture change specialists so when we give you the statistics to get you hooked and take a closer look at our engagement initiatives, know that even though you will probably pay us lots of money, you will definitely get more than you expected. FYI, the statistics on global employee engagement are scary but real, they are based on "active" engagement, this does not mean that people are "actively" disengaged, although a large potion are. it means those who are a part of the "Not Engaged" component feel that their job is a required part of life and, while if may be "OK", it fulfills their need for security more than their need for growth. We will continue to update the employee engagement statistics as we get them and continue to give you more cool and exciting info on employee engagement and organizational culture.