The DC Psychology based Organizational Change Training is designed to affect the emotions, cooperation and commitment of your people. It applies psychology and awareness to achieve this. The end result will be visible changes in the attitudes and interactions of your people and your organizational culture. Leadership is the foundation to an organization’s Culture and its Vision. For a Successful positive change, clarity of “How” Organizational change will be Effectively Implemented is paramount. Based on the Arthur’s renowned Directive Communication methodology, associated case studies, and his Change Leadership book, “Lessons from the Monkey King”, this Interactive Workshop provides new platforms for getting clarity and working together to nurture a work environment that can picture and achieve a clear vision in line with organizational objectives.

When we understand the science of group dynamics, we gain the insights required to understand how we are affecting our environment and organizational culture. We see the effects on the people we work with and identify the opportunities and gain insights to create a more passionate, cooperative and emotionally fulfilled work environment.

This program will take Leaders, managers and supervisors on a journey of Fun, Vision, Personal and Organizational Success, and the Step by Step Cultivation of a Sculpted More Aligned Organizational Culture to achieve a competitive advantage in creativity, communication, cooperation, better decision making, and a passion for your brand.


  • Develop Leadership at all levels of your organization
  • Enhance organizational culture with better communication and personal alignment
  • Cultivate an environment to inspire and support a Leadership Enriched Culture
  • Better understanding of how to create positive change in the environment by making small changes in your behavior that will show immediate results in fulfillment at work.
  • Be inspired to take action on these small changes.
  • Improve the ability to cause and deal with change at all levels of the organization
  • Gain Clarity of who you are and need to be in order to achieve more competency, personal fulfillment, and greater ability through you organization
  • Truly believe you have the ability to make a difference in corporate culture and act on it

What Behavioural Competencies it covers:

Stress Tolerance, Work Standards, Innovation, Gaining Commitment, Facilitating Change, Building Trust, Building Partnerships, Leading/Living The Vision And Values, Cultural Awareness, Initiative, Team Leadership, Change Leadership