DC TTT, March 2015, Day 5: Becoming a Superstar might hurt sometimes, but failure is inevitable on the way to success!

DC TTT, March 2015, Day 5: Becoming a Superstar might hurt sometimes, but failure is inevitable on the way to success!

You can all be superstars! DC Train The Trainer showed participants that with higher awareness life can be easier on every level!IMG_0338

Full 5 days of training, learning, sharing – the result? Trust. Participants relaxed and started to enjoy the process of learning because they saw that DC really works. Well, the last day didn’t start easy. It started with a – test.  Not all the results were good, someone cried, but guess what? It didn’t matter. Why?


Failure is part of the learning process. So if your results are not good, this means you will remember everything about it. Failure supports memory – explained Arthur Carmazzi, founder of DC.  But the last day was all about making sure that when you finish the course and go out there you are competent with the content you got.

So just to name a few super-powers you gain after DC TTT training:

  • Understand and do modification in any environment
  • Focus on positive instead of negative
  • Increase the circle of tolerance to deal with people
  • Managing your own expectations to be more patient
  • Setting people for success instead of failure

It sounds more than amazing, but this is exactly what you learn and it makes your life more successful and also brings the success to others as well.
‘Our Goal is to make you superstars, mediocrity is not acceptable’, – said Arthur. He added that the learning process doesn’t stop with this program.

  • We want you to develop your competence and that is a life learning process. So if you feel that you need to improve more after this, you can back to the course. Free of charge!
  • Well, isn’t that something! Once you try DC and how awesome it is, you become like a member of a family.

‘Every day remember some little content of DC in your everyday life and you will understand people better’ – said Ketut, a DC trainer.

‘I feel that DC really helped me to link everything and with World of Work Map that he invented, Arthur made a superb and a cool job,’ – said one of the participants, Joe.

‘What is the Emotional Driver of this or that person? You need to know that first, and then that person won’t ‘need suck’ you’, – said Ketut and Arthur added that is because you are aware of why they are doing it and then you don’t react to it.

More than interesting to know how to read people, right?  Especially when you know that after this DC TTT program people will see you differently as well.

The last day was also very emotional because everybody shared stories which in some way changed their lives. After all that nobody really wanted to say goodbye. Everybody wanted more of DC! It started to change their lives already!

So, if you want to be a part of this great DC story we still have some spots left for our next session, taking place on 29th of May in amazing Avalon Villa Resort in Ubud. Check this link  and learn how to implement all the great DC Psychology techniques and tools and share these ideas, which are definitely worth spreading with other people!