DC journey got over with roller coaster ride of varied emotion through out the day

DC journey got over with roller coaster ride of varied emotion through out the day

Day 6 – DC Psychology Trainer Certification Bali, December 2019

Today is 13th December and Friday with 6th Day of DC journey got over with roller coaster ride of Varied emotion through out the day.

As usual started the day with mind map sharing and insights from yesterday’s learning. This was followed by Hugging session wherein everybody hugged reach other to give nice rush of dopamine in terms positive energy needed before the written test covering all the key learnings of last 5 days. as part of DC  certification process.

Every participant experienced & lived superhero metaphor within themselves when they individually projected themselves as superhero on the chart paper highlighting its top 3 emotional drives  , personal mission, values, motto, tag line, big news headlines and opportunities where Superhero can create energy. Everyone presented all the mentioned aspects about their Superhero to each other which created a highly energized & inspiring environment. As an antithesis of this experience, everyone identified supervillain and its  need sucking tendencies, and scenario  opportunities loss. Then we wrote the names of all the inspirational people in our life and qualities we admired followed by writing a ideal dictionary of our mission and values and how we achieve it. Finally we tore the supervillain and jumped over the crumpled paper as symbolically it gave us a positive energy which was unshackling our own demons and inhibitors and build successful enterprise

This led to the penultimate activity of organising and deploying a 1.5 hours program to  external volunteered audience. All DC PARTICIPANTS did well in terms of conveniently and confidently delivering the program to entire audience which was well received by audience

Finally like any other journey, 6th day of DC Train the trainers workshop also finished at a high note with ceremony of successful graduation around a camp fire.

Arthur , our guru was very inspirational and welcoming when he included all the participants in DC family with open hands to continue to sustain the mutual growth and success.


Dr. Sanjeev Dixit
DC Psychology Trainee


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