Dante Carmazzi  – What Metal are YOU made of?

Dante Carmazzi – What Metal are YOU made of?

Here is a Motivational Video by 9 year old Dante Carmazzi with some Brilliant points. Dante only started speaking when he was 5 years old and the “professionals” said they thought he was autistic. In this 1 minute and 17 second video, Dante shares about how Metal is much like life… This mirrors his persistence to speak and be recognized as normal by teachers and peers. Please Enjoy, share, and comment, he will be very grateful… and so will I.

6 thoughts on “Dante Carmazzi – What Metal are YOU made of?

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    when i watch Dante’s video, my heart stops… you have an amazing son mr. arthur carmazzi

  2. What metal are you made of? A very amazing and informative video from a 9 years old boy! What should I expect, it runs in the blood. What a wonderful child you have there Arthur Carmazzi! I will be looking forward to this kid in the future!

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