Communication and teamwork are the basis for organizational personal and organizational effectiveness. Understanding the psychology of group dynamics and the perceptions that affect cooperation and effective communication in a cross cultural group, influence the entire organization and its culture.

Based on the Arthur Carmazzi’s renowned Directive Communication methodology, associated case studies, and his bestselling books, “Lessons from the Monkey King”, and “Identity Intelligence”, this “Hero’s Way” Interactive and fun Workshop provides new platforms for getting clarity of what a great communicator should be, and the psychological internalization to become an intuitive communicator with influence. Participants will nurture a greater sense of personal understanding of how each of them is affecting their teammates and develop their own ideal style for better  communication skills to achieve higher levels of personal and organizational leadership, motivation and focus in achieving common Objectives.

Participants will walk away with more courage and insights to create a more passionate and fulfilled work environment and the skills to not only greater strengths in communication to move others to higher levels of excellence, but a greater ability to lead and inspire motivated teams with more personal and organizational achievement and success.


• Enhance group effectiveness with better communication and psychology that transcends culture
• Communication awareness to Cultivate an environment to inspire, motivate and support the group
• Improve trust through empowering communication
• Have the skills to communicate to others to help them find alignment and clarity between their personal goals and the objectives of the organization
• Have the psychological communication skills to do appraisal and give feedback that motivates instead or discourages people
• Communicate at deeper levels of understanding
• Save time and stress by focusing on the solutions and objectives instead of the problems and blame
• Gain Clarity of how they are currently affecting others with their communication and who they are and need to be as an ideal communicator to create more positive affects in their environment
• Understand and apply colored brain psychology to get and give clarity in achieving objectives

What Behavioural Competencies it covers:

Building Trust, Contributing to Team Success, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Supervising & Coaching Others, Risk Taking, Leading/Living The Vision And Values, Delegation, Managing Conflict, Facilitating Change, Gaining Commitment, Valuing Diversity, Tenacity, Innovation, Accountability, Flexibility, Team Leadership, Relationship Building, Results Orientation/Achievement, Change Leadership, Adaptability, Energy