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Applications of the CBC:

  • Identifies our internal mechanism that communicates with the surrounding environment
  • Automated scoring to ensure prompt application
  • Easy to complete
  • Designed to be applied in groups or as an individual
  • Provides consolidated understanding of how to effectively communicate with others
  • Appropriate for all levels of employees and management and personal development

CBCI’s Key Features of Relevance to the work Environment

  • A practical tool to improve cooperation and reduce conflict
  • An essential component to become more effective & increase overall productivity
  • Allows you to gain greater effectiveness in working with and influencing others
  • Provides a platform to Empower individuals to bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues.
  • Offers the opportunity to find out the brain processing and communication breakdown root causes behind average or below average performance in work departments, and how to turn this around.
  • Ensures you will have a better awareness of your work environment
  • Is Not a Personality test but a communication and processing indicator that can immediately optimize the contribution of your talent resources
  • Cultivate speedy resolutions or even prevent conflict.



 I gained insight with colored Brain was most enlightening. When I shared this with my team of telesales professionals it made a significant impact. We applied it to our script, tone of voice, and amount of information base on initial assessment of what type of colored glasses our customers are “wearing”. We find that it has helped us to match our delivery with the various types of customers. This has enabled to better serve our customers and meeting their needs. 

Henry Lee, Manager Corporate Accounts
Microsoft Corporation