Col Tung Yui Fai

Commander ARMCEG
Singapore Army

Your thought provoking workshop has inspired us to be better motivators in our arena of work. You have also shown us innovative ways to enhance our professionalism and leadership skills. Thank you.

Jean Francois Asimus

Senior Manager
Emirates Group

I have changed the way I used to treat people after the program and have seen a big difference in the results we get now. I also see people from 32 different nationalities and from other other departments helping our

TAN Lay Kheng (Ms)

Deputy Director,
Clinical Support Services

"Arthur is an excellent speaker. He gave such a wonderful & insightful talk that was simply eye-opening! His energy was infectious. I am most impressed with how easily he demonstrated using the DC psychology training material that allowed us to understand ourselves and others better."

Tengku Marina Badlishah

Group Corporate Affairs Manager
Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad

Arthur’s retreat for the Nestle senior management really gave clarity to the implementation of our GLOBE initiative. He worked with our senior management team to establish foundations for a substantial change in our organization and really made a difference.

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