Recap – Employee Engagement through a Work Gamification, Leadership Enriched Culture:

Forbes 5 Elements of an Irresistible Workplace
-Meaningful Work
-Hands on Management
-Positive Work Environment
-Growth Opportunity
-Trust in Leadership

But the processes to achieve these are the KEY to creating an Engaged High Performance Culture…

– You Affect Your Environment
– Your Environment Reacts to You and Affects You
– You React to the Reactions of Your Environment
– They Then React Back, Perpetuating the Environment

You Have Different Competencies in Different Environments As well as Reactions that HINDER Competency. And… Even when you team have the Skills, they often do not apply them.

TinyPuls Research: Team Play and Collaboration Rank as the Top Factors People Love about their Jobs

Fun at Work Unifies Culture and Enhances Communication and Motivation. Fun supports Engagement and a Cooperative Organizational Culture… and incorporating the Motivators for sustainable Engaged, Communicative and Leadership Enriched Behaviors into a gamified work process or outcome creates “Sustainable” and consistent behavior modification…

Work Gamification creates FUN and ONGING systematic feedback to measure Engagement, Productivity, Training ROI, and even Leadership Potential…
And IF we develop competencies from discovering EXISTING talents, using Colored Brain Strengths, and connecting Organizational Values to Personal Values… “Change, is Not required… ONLY repurposing Existing positive behaviors from different environments, refining them and creating your OWN IDEAL Leadership Identity.