Be in Our Movie

Be in Our Movie

We are making a video and we want you to take part! We are setting up a fantastic initiative for all of Directive Communication and we would love for you to get involved. We want to show the faces behind all the licensees in a fun way and in a way that all of you can work together from your different locations. Our goal is to make a fantastic flashmob Viral style video where we want you to share what the most important values you have learnt thanks to DCI.

We want to inspire others with short direct messages that can help them change. This will actually take less than 10 minutes of your time: A couple of minute thinking of the most valuable thing you have learnt thanks to DCI 1 minute narrowing it down to 5-10 words 5 minutes writing it down on a Card and making it pretty 1 minute giving us your best dancing, smiling, friendliness skills in front of your webcam. 1 extra minute uploading it and sending it to us so we can edit it and put it together Result: Over 200 people will have taken part in sharing their knowledge and will have done so by working together.

send us an email and post here to participate.


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