Arthur Carmazzi: The Truth Behind his DC Psychology Trainer Certifications

Arthur Carmazzi: The Truth Behind his DC Psychology Trainer Certifications

At the time if this post, there are 384 (as of November 2017) Directive Communication Certified Trainers across 19 diffrent countries. Yet, considering the amount of time one of these DC Trainer certifications takes, and what Arthur usually charges for a program, it is the least lucrative for Arthur to do if you are looking at dollar value only. So what is Arthur Carmazzi getting out of this intensive Train the Trainer programs?

While financial benefit is not out of the picture, the actual benefit is not as obvious as the USD4,280+ fee for a 6 + 3 day certification.

To understand Arthur’s motivations behind the DC Trainer Certification, we need to look at DCI’s Mission (Arthur’s Personal Vision) and the DC Trainer License business model as well as a bit of history.

The history: In 2005 when DCI leveraged the Arthur Carmazzi brand, the DC Trainer Certification was combined with a complete business package inclusive of web, marketing, image consulting, global branding and operations training. This package was spread out over 3 ½ months with 27 days of training and development and cost USD12,000. It produced super successful trainers like Leslie Choudhury, Lily Lau, Ray Poon and more. But because it was only run 3 times a year, and the cost was prohibitive for many high potentials, it was conflating with Arthur’s vision and so the business model was changed.

The Vision: Arthur Carmazzi had developed a methodology which helped people working in companies to be exposed to a psychology that would not only help them be more successful and productive in their job (thus benefiting the organization), but helped them in many areas of their personal lives and relationships. The majority of these people would never pay to attend any type of personal development workshops and this never be exposed to the type to insights that a psychology based workshop might provide for them. This is the foundation for Arthur’s vision. He felt that through this path of working with organizations, that he was making a big difference in the lives of people who would otherwise never have seen a greater part of themselves. But this is not the only difference he believes he is making… by creating a platform for people to bring out the best of themselves and be better self and group leaders, he is also affecting the lives of their children and the future they create. Arthur Carmazzi believes that a good parent will ensure a greater future for humanity and his vision is to be a part of that.

The Business Model: Yes, money is also a part of it, Arthur Carmazzi is a businessman and is consistently working to grow his business. But the DCI business model is contingent upon the success of the DC Certified Trainers because it is based on producing residual income from the sale of Training Materials and Tools. This means that a certified trainer must be successful and have multiple training to require the tools on a regular basis. DCI charges no royalties and relies on the sale of tools and materials for much of its income. The other side of the income model is to send the right trainers to the right clients (usually return business or coming from the DCI website) and make a percentage of the training fees. DCI does not organize public programs on its own (other than Trainer Certification), it relies on and supports its international partners to do this and lets them make their required profit. According to Arthur Carmazzi, he says that DCI focuses on it competencies and each country partner will be better at marketing that DCI would be.

The Big Picture: Finally, Arthur’s reasons for changing the original business model which was more lucrative is that Arthur Carmazzi believes that the more competent DC Certified Trainers there are practicing and training the Directive Communication Methodology around the world, the more exposure the brand will get, and, the more exposure the brand gets, the more business there is for all DC certified Trainers, and the more business there is, the bigger the difference everyone can make to not only affect the individuals, the organizations, the communities or even the countries… but the world and its future.

In September of 2017, Arthur Carmazzi’s Brain research was published in the Journal of Theranostics of Brain Disorders providing additional insights for DC Psychology Trainers and coaches to improve their results


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