Arthur Carmazzi – The Truth about DC Training Tools

Arthur Carmazzi – The Truth about DC Training Tools

The origin of the first DC Training Tools were created for two specific reasons.

The first was the need to achieve better than average results in training programs. Arthur Carmazzi had identified five areas that were lacking in most experiential training programs:

  1. Many of the exercises were not strong enough in visual, auditory and kinesthetic stimulus to reinforce learning.
  2. Many of the exercises were barley relevant to the learning outcome
  3. The exercises were not connecting on an emotional level
  4. Exercises did not connect previous exercises to reinforce learning of previous modules
  5. Some exercises were not entertaining.

The second reason was branding and marketing. Because the methodology of using training tools in sequence to achieve better training results was unique to the industry, Arthur Carmazzi saw an opportunity to leverage this process for branding and marketing as a critical component to the Directive Communication psychology training system. And so the original design of the training tools began.

The criteria for these tools was to overcome the five areas where experiential training was deficient. The first training games were the Colored Brain Communication Cards, the Human Drivers Challenge and the early version of the CBCI and the Early Environment Dolls (Now DC Avatars). Arthur Carmazzi’s Team Communication tool – CBC Cards are used across 39 countries to support better team development and recruitment – also see Arthur Carmazzi’s Predictive Psychology where he can identify participants hidden secrets

There was only one problem, the average quote to create these was around S$42,000, and at that time (2002) Arthur Carmazzi was in massive debt and had no money to produce them!

Training tools and GamesSo, he decided to be creative and went to a printer and made this suggestion: “I will pay you S$48,000 but you let me take these as and when I need them and I will pay as I use them.” But the printers he visited were not interested. So he thought more and tried again, but this time he added: “…Based on the amount of fixed costs (mostly labor) you have and the down time on your machines when you are not creating something, the actual cost of making this is only materials, which would only be about 8% of the total price, so at worst, your initial investment can be covered with the first month of the materials I would take.” And again, he was rejected. This time Arthur was running out of optimism but he looked at the financial climate and tried once more, this time he added: “…if I paid you what you were asking, after you paid the cost of materials, if you put the rest in the bank (Banks in Singapore were only offering 2% per year interest at that time), you only make S$840 in interest, I am offering an extra S$6000 over what you are asking… so if you accept this, and I buy all this from you within one year, you are still S$5160 ahead. And this time they said YES!

This was the one of the contributing factors to the success of Arthur Carmazzi and the Directive Communication Methodology since the tools are an integral part of the results it achieves.

Some of the Trainer Tools such as the CBCI were evolved into online psychometric tools by Arthur Carmazzi


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