Arthur Carmazzi – Part 2 – Who should lead Organizational Change

Arthur Carmazzi – Part 2 – Who should lead Organizational Change

Negative Key Influencers are the Enemy to Organizational Change. The best way to defeat your enemy is to make him your friend and turning negative key influencers into positive ones is the ideal solution for getting others on involved in organizational change. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. So, the first step is to identify negative Key Influencers and determine the cause of their dissatisfaction and identify if the problem is related to Values, Skill (or the lack of), Environment, or perhaps they are just the kind of people that no matter where they are and what they get, they will always look for something wrong and cause trouble…


If it is related to Values, before you proceed in involving them in organizational change, ask yourself: “Do your organizational values (or the values you would like to attain) match their personal values?” if not, well, there is your answer. If they do, involve them in the opportunity to make the changes and also get others in line.

If it is related to Skill, this is the easiest to solve. The proper training combined with personal awareness of how they are affecting others and ultimately, the work environment will make a big difference and also improve their own fulfillment and personal performance.

If it is environment, this can also generate a positive result. Ask them what their ideal work environment would be like… as indicated in a previous video, everyone wants the same foundational circumstances in their “Ideal Work Environment”. Then, get them involved in the change process. Make them a leader.

If they are, and always will be a trouble maker… it is likely they have what is called a “Charter Disorder”. Watch the video for this and the course of action.


5 thoughts on “Arthur Carmazzi – Part 2 – Who should lead Organizational Change

  1. Yesterday I was reading an article of Arthur Carmazzi regarding organizational change. Then the question came into my mind – ‘Who are the most appropriate people to lead such changes?’ I’ve got my answer. Excellent video. It really changed my way of thinking.

  2. If an organization needs to turn negative key influencers to positive influencers, then all they need is Arthur Carmazzi!

  3. It is important that the members to know the values of the organization since this will be a foundation in the organizational change. The course of actions presented by Arthur Carmazzi will aid the members to know and understand the values of the organization.

  4. I agree with your point Arthur Carmazzi if you defeat your enemy so make him your friend this is only best way and solution to change negative people’s thanks for your wonderful presentation it help me a lot in my life.

  5. I agree with Arthur Carmazzi that the best way to defeat your enemy is to make him your friend because in that manner you can influence the way they think about organizational change.

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