Arthur Carmazzi on Organizational Change – Is Organizational Change Expensive?

Arthur Carmazzi on Organizational Change – Is Organizational Change Expensive?

Ok, first, you need to watch the video, it will tell you about the different options of organizational change and the different levels… then come back and read what we do and how it will help you with ONE aspect of organizational Change.

This Link will take you to the PDF proposal for what we call the Organizational Culture Revolution. It has successfully transformed organizational cultures across the globe with sustainable results in less than 80 days. and has delivered very visible results in 15 days.

The Exclusive Directive Communication Process is unlike any other in that it uses the foundational psychology of group dynamics combined with US Special Forces “Force Multiplication” strategies to literally create a positive revolution within the organization… and, it is not expensive by “Organizational Culture Change standards. In fact, since this is an Implementation program, compared to others with the same objective. We are CHEAP! And if you compare with the big five consulting firms who still use traditional methods that take a really LONG time, then its like pennies on the dollar for the value you are getting. So download this proposal now Organizational Culture Revolution. And make sure you go to: to take the Organizational Culture Assessment


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