Arthur Carmazzi Conducting DC Trainer Certification with Free Master Trainer Track

Arthur Carmazzi Conducting DC Trainer Certification with Free Master Trainer Track

The Last Chance to get the DC Psychology Master Trainer Track Free. I, Arthur Carmazzi am doing one more DC trainer certification in Bali on May 10th to 20th 2012.

The Certification is USD3600 inclusive of all materials, DVDs, tools, accommodations, meals and airport transfers. The Master Trainer Track sells at an additional USD8600 but this time its FREE.


First, I should elaborate on the experience I have had using the DC methodology. I have literally seen people’s lives change, the way they see themselves and their work and the power they have to influence their environments, both at work and at home, has also altered my life, I feel I am genuinely making a difference. And when we do our culture change initiatives, these are even more gratifying in that the cultures we create maintain a strong environment for most of the employees to love their work in the process of being more successful at it.

So the Mission: To spread the DC methodology around the world – to change people’s lives through their work, – to develop a brand that will have so much credibility, that organizations will line up to get their people involved because they know the impact on their bottom line – and, to support our cause by being  a premium brand that earns us the capital to live the lifestyles that support “dreams” as well as reinvest to develop the brand

Here is the Business model: there are no royalties per say, but there are tools and manuals. You can see more at: here are some pages from our new manual. These are purchased from DCI for DC trainings and can be used either to sell at a profit to clients, or to use as for bargaining without reducing your fees.


Send us an email if you are interested in becoming a DC Master Trainer and certify other DC Trainers through DC Train the Trainer Courses.







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