Arrival of a new tribe in Avalon Resorts, Ubud!

Arrival of a new tribe in Avalon Resorts, Ubud!

Day 1 – DC Psychology Trainer Certification Bali, December 2019

Arrival of a new tribe in Avalon Resorts, Ubud! A wealth of work and cultural experiences combined with trainers, entrepreneurs and professionals from Romania, USA, Dubai, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan and Singapore came together for the last DC psychology training before the year ends!

  • Started our day 1 training today.  Away from our usual office training room format, here at Avalon, not only do we get to experience training in a totally different environment, the way it was facilitated, right up to taking our sharing out in the nature was entirely refreshing, offering a sense of curiosity, calmness, yet allowing us to expand on our creativity of how we can do presentations and conduct trainings in different ways.Today, one of the attendees commented about her partner “I can’t believe and so happy the change and confidence I see in my partner being on stage today!” At this 6 days training, not only do we learn about what DC psychology is, Colored Brain methodology, emotional intelligence and more, we learn to integrate speaking and facilitation skills at the same time, which raises our ante for being excellent facilitators.Just as every training is different,  some of the takeaways today include:
  • Creating no blame zone addresses the root causes of unpleasant emotions. How does one eradicates them so we do not have to fear nor deal with it. Imagine what happens to a hospital with nurses making errors, and no one dares to speak up, because everyone is afraid of getting blamed and fired!
  • Deep dived into what RAS is, and how it affects our work competences. Big epiphany even for those with kids, as parents realized how we unknownly make our child feel worthless or not good enough. What we learnt today is also applicable to family and personal life.
  • The common denominator for any situation, the root causes of problem always come back to YOU. Just as one of the participants shared “focus on SELF” will lead us towards the objective of sustainable success and growth.  It was a day of learning about OURSELVES too.

Day 1 ended with an experiential visualization to help us anchor in all that we have learnt.  Follow us for more next few days as we share more about our learning.


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