Agents of Change with Arthur Carmazzi: The Perfect Team

Agents of Change with Arthur Carmazzi: The Perfect Team

Hello, everyone!

This is our second episode of The Agents of Change Series. I’ve just came back from Singapore, where I delivered my Organizational Development Workshop, organised by HRM Magazine. I met a lot of inspiring people there and I have to admit that I love doing public programs, because you always meet a lot of interesting people from different industries, exchange opinions and discover new opportunities for yourself as a trainer and a speaker.

Team MotivationOne of the problems we discussed was What is The Perfect Team? or How do We Create a Perfect Team? This issue is very crucial for each organization and making a right choice how to choose and match people in teams becomes easy with Directive Communication Psychology.

In March 2014, we did a study that took into account emotional gratification of individuals as well as their Colored Brain and we found something very interesting… Watch this video to know more, then see the Table on the right to identify some of the clusters. Then feel free to ask questions and give comments below, so we could answer them. Also, if you feel like suggesting a topic for our next Agents of Change Episode – we will appreciate it and try to address all your questions in our next episode .

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