#3 – The Final Barrier to Any type of Success – and How to Overcome it

#3 – The Final Barrier to Any type of Success – and How to Overcome it

Leadership Vision

In this Video Episode of Agents of Change. The final barrier to your success is Vision. In this Video Arthur Carmazzi Explains how your future identity is directly related to your success and failure. The first question is: WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?

Where the majority of your focus is, will determine your end results. Are you focusing on the problems you have now? Too many people maintain a “Next Week Vision” and are constantly struggling. Are you focusing on one outcome so much WITHOUT clarity, that anything that is similar in the short term is “Ok”? The ability to have and convey a clear Vision is a required objective for leadership. Leaders who have a clear vision can inspire themselves and exhibit passion which is contagious to the people around them. Leaders who can convey a clear vision however, can get others to feel and see the vision as theirs, can direct motivation and excitement.

But vision is not only left to the big picture… what happens when the picture is complete? who do you become in the process of completing the picture? what happens to different areas and people in your life when the picture is complete?


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